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Gressoney - La - Trinité rises at the foot of Monte Rosa, in the Lys Valley, at an altitude of 1637 meters. It has always been a tourist destination for every season. It has in its essence a remarkable historical past and an unusual balance between a modern tourist center and an ancient alpine village, enriched by the typical Walser buildings. Beating heart of the main carousel Monterosa Ski, it hosts on its slopes slopes slopes of considerable value and breathtaking tracks. From the Gressoney Valley, through the Passo dei Salati, you can reach Valsesia on your skis, while from the Colle Bettaforca you can connect with the Val d'Ayas. A unique and exciting experience is to climb to over 4,000 meters by helicopter and then descend on the snow with skis down to the valley! Or, in the company of an alpine guide (tel. 0125.366280 - 349.4320563 fax: 0125.36628), lovers of ski mountaineering or freeriding can descend on numerous off-piste trails such as the Canalino dell'Aquila, the Valle Perduta, the Piramide Vincent, the Punta Giordani, the Punta Vittoria and the canale della Malfatta. The Salati-Punta Indren cable car takes you to 3300 m and from there you can try your hand at fresh snow descents. There are 2 baby parks; the first "La Trinité" is located at the departure point of the Punta Jolanda chairlift. The second "Staffal" is located near the Staffal cable car. Particular is the cross-country track that crosses the village with its 5 km and is approved for the competitions of the Italian Cup. For those who like to ski from the beginning of the season until late in the spring, there is a 3 km long cross-country ring at over 2,000 meters: with the cable car from Steffal you can go up to the alpine pasture of Sant'Anna.



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