iSKI - for the joy of skiing

The iSKI Smartphone App is the source for all information for the perfect ski day directly on your smartphone.

The latest data and information about weather, depth of snow and quality, as well as open lifts and slopes neatly arranged on ski panoramas, make choosing a ski resort with the iSKI app a pleasure. The iSKI app, with the fresh snow forecast, provides a unique service for deep and new snow aficianados. The necessary arrangements for a safe ski day can be made with the current avalanche situation report. With the tracking function, ski adventures can be recorded on maps together with personal pictures.

iSKI provides year-round live information of 20 ski nations to plan and enjoy your perfect ski experience. PLAN – ORIENTATE – REVIEW

Live ski resort information from 20 ski countries



  • Lifts
  • Slopes
  • Snow depth and quality
  • Livecams
  • Weather stations


  • Valley and mountain weather
  • Snow forecasts with map


  • Interactive trail maps with live status
  • Overview maps
  • Snow forecasts
  • Location


  • Avalanche reports
  • Emergency services

iSKI Community

  • iSKI Buddy Radar
  • Live tracking
  • Ski journal


  • Lodge finder
  • Ski rental
  • Online booking
  • Tips
  • Events
  • Arrival
  • Village info


  • iSKI Trophy
  • Challenges
  • Track and win

State Of The Art

  • Wearables
  • In-car infotainment
  • Beacons
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iSKI X – your Free.Ride Xperience

The iSKI X is the information source for freeriders. In the app you can quickly find avalanche situation reports, snow forecasts, the best Free.Ride spots and events as well as a Free.Ride.Checker. Safety first!

  • Safety – Get all information about current avalanche risks and adjust your route accordingly! Should it come to an emergency anyway, then you learn which steps to take! The inclinometer helps you – apart from measuring hillslopes quickly - to estimate risks.
  • Live – Here you can find out about where it's currently snowing! You also get an outlook for the next 12-72 hours, information about current mountain weather, panoramas and information for all ski areas. With our live cameras we provide you with weather information regionwide.
  • Information – Get the coolest locations, events and contests of the Freerider-scene, as well as the best Free.Ride magazines and movies!
  • Community – Are you already linked to your iSKI Buddies and do you already track your skidays?! As soon as you are registered you can see who is underway in your ski area and you can match yourself with others!
  • Be part of the worldwide iSKI Community!





The iSKI Tracker makes more of your skiing day!

Get the iSKI Tracker on your iPhone or Android smartphone and record your ski day. How does it work? As soon as you start tracking, the iSKI Tracker records your movements in the ski area (slopes, altitudes, speed ...) and saves them locally on your smartphone where you can review them.

You can also show your tracks to your friends via Facebook or by E-mail - or you can do this on the website Just log in, invite friends and directly compare the tracks and ski days directly.

Get the iSKI Tracker now!





Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does iSKI Trophy work?

Every registered iSKI user can take part and collect pins. During the term great prizes will be raffled among all pin collectors. The more pins you collect, the greater the chance to win.

No internet connection on the mountain?

No problem. The tracking also works offline. As soon as you have a connection again you can send your track to the evaluation.

Why do I have to confirm the email?

After your registration you will receive an email which you have to confirm. The confirmation ensures you to be a real user. As soon as you confirm the email you will be able to take part. Attention, the confirmation mail may come to the junk-folder.

Why did I not receive the confirmation email?

It is possible the confirmation mail may come to the junk-folder.

How can I collect pins?

Activate the tracker and go to the slope! Your data will be collected via GPS. At the end of a ski day you send these data just by one click one "End and send". Your data will be automatically evaluated.

Activate GPS?

To be able to collect pins, the iSKI domain apps needs to know your current location. Therefore the GPS has to be activated. There are two settings within iOS 7 that must be enabled in order for GPS tracking to successfully connect and occur: Location Services and Background App Refresh.

How can I invite friends?

Quite easily! Press the invite button and insert the email address of your friend. As soon as your iSKI Buddy confirms the invitation you will be able to see him and also compare yourself. In case that you are invited, you will be able to see the request in the section "accept". Attention, the confirmation mail may be sent to their junk-folder.

iSKI Community/iCommunity?

If you are already a member of the iCommunity, you can use your account login for the iSKI Trophy.

More Questions?

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What do people think?

Great for skiing with mates! Awesome!

Wojtek Marsik

Oriasi Letezo legjobb app! Szep letisztult megjelenes, es pontos informaciok! Sieloknek kotelezo.

Péter Szegö

Ultra useful! Perfect app to find a close open ski resort.

Cynthia D. Sanchez

Nepresne GPS vzdialenosti su velmi nepresne napr Bratislava-Vratna nie je 184 km ale o 100 km viac.

Martin Hubka

Superb! Can't fault this app, has everything and so well thought out and nicely put together, deserves 6 stars. Have downloaded the France and Austria versions, just as good.

Graham Fearns

Danke das ihr mich täglich beim Skifahren begleitet habt. Das brachte immer wieder Tag für Tag neue Motivation um weiter und höher hinaus zu fahren. Zusätzlich machte es viel Spaß sich mit den Freunden zu vergleichen.


Tolle Competition bei der man Bekannte und andere User herausfordern kann. So verbringt man nicht nur tolle Skitage sondern kann auch noch Preise gewinnen! Top!!


iSKI Japan is top stuff!!! The iSki global array of countries is sensational and very useful and user friendly. To see a Nippon App now joining the fold is great news. Bravo!


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The international iSKI TROPHY is a virtual competition.

Users from iSKI countries all over the world participate in various and thrilling challenges.

Collect mysterious and unknown pins, get in touch with new ski-enthusiasts and don't miss the chance to win some cool prizes!

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iSKI meets Samsung Gear 2

The popular ski app is available as the first winter sports app for the Samsung Gear 2 from January 2016. This ideal SmartWatch tool retrieves the latest information from ski resorts, has an integrated iSKI Trophy Tracker function for recording your skidays and communicates with the worldwide iSKI Community.


iSKI Connect meets recon/SNOW2

The iSKI Smartphone App is the source for all information for the perfect ski day directly on your smartphone and now also on your RECON-Instruments Data-goggles.

Bringing iSKI Connect App features in focus:

  • Operating lifts and pists (sorted by distance with direction, status and radar-view)
  • Up-to-date weather and weatherforecasts
  • Lodge finder in more then 500 skiregions
  • Radar with skirentals, ...
  • Live panoramamap including zoom
  • iSKI Buddies-Finder – follow your friends. Who is nearby?
  • Tracking with realtime data (km/h, metres in height, distance) for the participation in the iSKi-Trophy
  • Data of more then 2000 skiregions



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