Černá Říčka

682 - 787 m

08:30 - 16:30


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675 m

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- Černá Říčka is the part of Desná under the valley dam Souš that is situated in the heart of the Eagle Mountains - Due to its altitude (680 - 785 m above sea level) it is on the first place in this region - Ideal conditions for skiing on natural snow - The quality skiing is guaranteed with daily mechanical maintenance of all ski slopes - The terrain is suitable for avanced, less advanced skiers and also for beginners and snowboard - The quality litten ski slope is open daily it is maintained before evening skiing - In the resort there is also children rope ski lift with ski school, ski service and rental, ski and snowboard school - The parking with many parking places is directly at the finish of a ski slope


Černá Říčka

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468 61 Černá Říčka
Tel: +420 483 383 728
Web: http://www.cerna-ricka.cz/
Mail: sdhcernaricka@atlas.cz

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