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Brusson has long been a renowned ski center for Nordic skiing and is the site of top-level international competitions. On the Vollon plateau, two rings of slopes of 5 and 7.5 km are approved for World Cup competitions. The cross-country ski trails run along the Evançon stream from Arcesaz to Extrepieraz, passing through the Vollon plateau. Between Brusson and Estoul there are 30 km of trails; a connection with Champoluc is being planned. There is also the regional competition "Coppa Consiglio Valle d'Aosta" and national and international biathlon competitions. The downhill slopes are located between 1,750 and 2,250 meters above sea level, in the Estoul-Palasinaz area. Estoul is a large natural balcony, with good sun exposure, high altitude and natural snow between larch and spruce forests. 80% of the 17 km of alpine ski slopes have snowmaking facilities. From Estoul, at the foot of Mount Bieteron, the downhill runs lead to Punta Palasina through gentle slopes. Many of the surrounding peaks are also destinations for fans of ski mountaineering: the itineraries all start from Estoul and are challenging as Mount Nery (3075 mt) or Corno Vitello (3057 mt), or easy as Mount Bieteron 2764 mt) or Punta Palasinaz (2782 mt). Brusson is located in the center of Val d'Ayas, at an altitude of 1338 meters; the municipality is divided into the three districts of Pasquier, La Pila and Fontaine: for this reason the cross-country skiing trail is called "Trois Villages". Some localities have maintained the traditional alpine aspect with ancient and well preserved buildings. Very appreciated in this regard are the events organized by the local Tourist Office dedicated to the ancient tasks, tools and practices of the past.




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