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Malyovitsa is a small resort 40 kilometers away from Borovets. The nature there is great and picturesque. It is situated on the north-western part of Rila 13 kilometers away from the village of Govedarci and 27 from Samokov and is connected by a good road. There are several ski pistes and several sport equipment in the region. The total length of the Malyovitsa pistes is 4 kilometers. The longest one is Uleya - 1200 meters long. In its higher part it is a black run. The piste gets easier with the decrease of its height and in its lower parts it is a blue piste. The Rajdavica piste is 900 meters long, plus the road that connects it to the piste for beginners. The pistes on Mecha Polqna (Bear’s Meadow) are mainly for beginners - short and light. Five drags are servicing the pistes. Two are for beginners one is for advanced and the others are t- bars. The piste in Govedarci is 900 meters and is equipped with lift.

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