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 8.12.2021 - 17.4.2022
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Crissolo is a town in the shadow of Monviso, the "King of Stone"; in its territory, at Pian del Re, at 2020 m, there are the sources of the Po River. It is also the most important ski resort in the Upper Po Valley with its 10 km of slopes for alpine skiing. The three lifts reach the top of Mount Ghincia Pastour at an altitude of 2,300 m and connect Crissolo with Pian Regina on skis. The chairlift departs from the village and takes skiers to the top, where the Granero Lungo slope is also equipped with artificial snow. In Pian Regina there is also a treadmill that serves three green slopes (0.5 km total) 180 meters long. There are two play areas dedicated to children who, with or without skis, can have fun in an area dedicated entirely to them and their parents. One is located at the start of the Pian della Regina treadmill and the other at the arrival of the Monviso chairlift. Those who descend towards Pian della Regina do not have any ski lifts to return to higher altitudes, nor do they have a skiable slope to reach the start of the chairlift in the main town. To overcome this inconvenience, a shuttle service has been set up to connect Pian della Regina with the chief town. It is possible to practice snowboarding and freeride excursions; there are 10 km of assisted off-piste tracks. There are numerous routes for ski mountaineering, Crissolo is home to international competitions such as the World Championship of ski mountaineering. Numerous are the excursions with the rackets; the proloco of Crissolo organizes guided excursions with naturalistic guide, also at night. At Pian Regina at 1745 m, you can enjoy a free 3 km ring of cross-country skiing of medium difficulty. Not far from the village there are natural ice falls for climbing. In the territory it is interesting to visit the cave of Rio Martino, which can be crossed up to the 55 m high waterfall. In the village it is possible to skate on an ice rink of 700 square meters of natural ice, in Villa, on weekends and holidays. It must be said that even the ski lifts are open only on weekends, vacations and during vacation periods (Christmas, Carnival and Easter).


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